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Our Story

Social Impact: With Subul, you're not just receiving a service. You're changing lives. Subul began in 2017 when our CEO and founder, Khaled Shaaban, noticed a gigantic gap between skilled workers and potential employers in his native Syria. He witnessed highly trained and educated peers struggling to overcome economic obstacles, restrictive social norms, and most of all, the barriers of war to find jobs. But, on the other hand, there were individuals and companies worldwide that we're willing to help by providing jobs and donations but had no channel through which they could do so. This situation is typical for people living in war zones — these populations face a constantly dry economy with very high unemployment. Remote employment opportunities open to everyone else are closed to them, including work on mainstream freelancing websites due to difficulties transferring money to their countries. Refugees, IDPs, and people who live in war zones are eager to work and learn and are looking for sustainable, long-term solutions rather than handouts. At the same time, they lack alternative work opportunities and, therefore, any viable means of earning an income. Subul was devised as a bridge between these hard-working people and employers from around the world. Through our online outsourcing and freelancing platform, refugees can earn a living and support their families by bringing in money from outside their economically starved communities. At the same time, businesses and organizations have the opportunity to hire skilled freelancers at competitive rates, all while having a lasting social impact on the global refugee community.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect marginalized communities with viable work opportunities. Subul means 'Pathways' in Arabic, and we provide just that — since 2018, we have paved the way for hundreds of asylum-seekers, refugees, IDPs, and other disenfranchised people towards online employment. Join us in creating new pathways towards the future of work for refugees and other marginalized communities.

Our Goals

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